Goodbye & Hi

You were with me even before I was born, 

when I saw the light of life you grew with me!

You are a silent witness of time around me and 

inside of me. 


You collect everything.. my thoughts.. my emotions..

my seasons of life. 

Your an reflecting mirror, you observe.


Your my loyal friend, you make sure I.m not freezing and naked.

And I make sure I meet your needs.


I always loved you! And I always will! 

I never wanted you to change 


I am still wondering why you get grey..

I am ravished by the power of color!


But I decided to let you go, .. I need to let go of my past! I need to!!!

I want you to witness my NEW life, my new season

My new me!!


I never thought I would give you a big cut, 

but I.m going to.


I.m stepping into my bright future without you.

Without old memories

without stored information. 

I.m ready for the NEW!


Soon we have to say goodbye!

We will never see us again! 

And I am excited about that!

It hurts, but the good kind of a hurt.


The pain of freedom!


Your new you creates my new me, so we will be together again.

Just in a different kind of way!

Stronger and healthier! 


I love! 


©Christina Maria Altounis