Beauty · 06. April 2018
I'm not saying that everything that happens in the world or in your own life is beautiful. But there is this desire for eternal beauty, painlessness, eternity, wholeness. Oh if we only recognize that it is placed in our hearts, not to torture us but to lead us into the land of fulfillment! The longing that this can't be everything here is justified... The conscious or unconscious search for the key that leads to this land of fulfillment... guides us through life. Oh if only man would recognize...
Water · 14. Januar 2018
A few years ago I felt in love with the pacific! It was such amazing! On that morning I went pretty early to the beach, I went to the Santa Monica Pier, pretty known for the end of the Rout 66 or from Forrest Gump or other movies. I like to see this little clip from time to time, just dive back in these refreshing moments. From this experience I love to get inspired for my paintings! Enjoy the fresh morning breeze!