You are cordially invited to have a look at my gallery!  If you are interested in an artwork and would like to know more about it, please contact me! It is with the most beautiful moments to share what I felt when I created and to experience from the other person what it means to him! You can find out more about this topic under "Exhibition".  Christina 



(Preise auf Anfrage)

"Golden Malibu Breeze"
Acrylic on canvas 1x1m 

"Santa Monica Beachflower" 

Acrylic on canvas 1x1m

"Endless Ocean"

Acrylic on canvas

50x50 cm





"F r e s h B r e e z e" je 60x60cm  // je 10x120cm  Acrylic on canvas

"Traingle" // This summer I was inspired by one of my favorite brown skirt and blue flower blouse and bangle. So I was drawn to paint these paintings. 

30x30 // 18x13 // 15x10 Acrylic on canvas

"Fly my favorite one 1 +2 "

50x60cm, 50x70cm

Acrylic on canvas 


"Fly my favorite one"


Acrylic on canvas

Refreshing Dreams // olu olu o moe // Acrylic on canvas 120x80cm 


As I saw this painting I thought to all the people struggle with peace full sleep and dreams. 


I think our nightlife is very important!

The better the night dreams, the better is quality of life!

Our nights is life spending, everything is recovering, Body, Soul and Spirit. 


I like to daydream as well ;) and can recommend it!




"Iris Flower" 50x60cm // "Enjoy" 70x50cm // "Your new bundle of joy" 30x25cm Acrylic on canvas



Acrylic on canvas

"Turn bitter into sweet" Acrylic on Canvas



"Breakthrough" Acrylic on Canvas



"Sweet it fits" Acrylic on Canvas



"Lightness" Acrylic on Canvas



"Colorful Sun 1" 


Acrylic on canvas



"Colorful Sun 2" 


Acrylic on canvas