christina maria altounis

As a daughter of a German pedagogue and a Greek ship mechanic, she saw the daylight in Cologne in 1980.
The multi-mix in her blood is also noticeable in her paintings. 
spirited & full of hope
colorful & powerful  
fresh & happy  
valuable & noble
soft & gentle

Christina Maria Altounis is inspired by humanity, life and nature with all of their creation and creatures. 

The emotions of people in all its facettes facinates her. Sadly humanity learned to numb themselfes. 

Her art makes the invisible, visible and to wake humanity from their "sleeping beauty".

She is only satisfied with her artworks if they touch peoples hearts and changes life. "If this happens.." she says.. "my artwork is finished, and at the same time they are never finished,  rather than transforms his self by itselfs." 

"I think art is the most powerful way to touch peoples hearts, if humans would just stop try to understand art with their minds.. rather then allowing to enhance with all the human senses to experience the expression of an artist!" 


Christina Maria Altounis with her 40 years had a hard and dramatic run of live. As she was in the age of 26 as her beloved mother got serious sick. Her mother was her best friend. She had an brain aneuyrysm which bursted. After almost one month at the intensive care station and life saving surgeries, her mother felt into a vigil coma for 4 years. But she woke up out of this, in need of care. and was in a nursing home for 12 years until she passed away in december 2018. 

Christina Maria Altounis went for 12 years through the taffest crisis of her live, she had to learn to let go, to say goodbye, how to grief, being brutal honest with herself, and to learn to be vulnerable.

She experienced the deepest depression, not wanting to live anymore, to experience how it is to be found and to gain hope again.

For years she was not able to work anymore, looking for returnable bottles at the river Rhine in her hometown, to have some money, to become an passionate artist ... sounds like a fairytale, but a pretty painful one.


Her early profession was being a hotel clerk, but through the crises she found her true purpose in life. Being an artist!


The moment she realized she is an artist she says "Now I understand why I struggled so much in the business world.

The crisis diggide so deep into her life, that she didn´t had enough power anymore to life the fake life she lifed before her mothers sickness. 

"It seemed like the pain peeled me out of my old life and my old me." she says.

"I really needed me to be  alive! Not the version everyone else wanted me to be, or the version of me being a result of heartwounds!"

"Was it easy? No! Was it worthy" Yes!!! For sure! And since than I don´t settle for less!" 

She can truly say she experienced the beauty in pain and learned to embrace the mysterious in life.